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pol assignment 5 - were persistent in trying to obtain...

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The African National Congress and the National Party were two opposing political groups that were in conflict with each other for 46 years. Ultimately, the pressure on both the ANC and the NP towards the end of the Apartheid regime forced them into a deadlock which left both parties in a mutually bad position. This dead end led both parties into negotiations with each other which resulted in the abolishment of Apartheid. The deadlock between the two parties came into effect when they gradually realised that the one could not overthrow or control the other. Thus, the parties turned towards negotiations to resolve the conflict. A big factor that made these negotiations possible was commitment from both sides. The NP wanted to maintain and defend their power and would go to any means in order to do so, as the ANC wanted to destroy this power and be seen as equals in society and
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Unformatted text preview: were persistent in trying to obtain their goal. The pressure on the NP from overseas also contributed highly towards the negotiation process. Sanctions were issued on South Africa which prevented participation in sport and trading with other countries to name a few. These sanctions took a heavy toll on South Africa’s economy and the bad press shone badly upon South Africa as a whole. This put immense pressure on the NP to change the political system. The ANC understood that overthrowing the NP could only be done by revolution which would result in terrible violence The NP came to terms with the fact that they would never be able to control the black majority, and combined with that knowledge and the pressure from overseas, both parties came to the mutual agreement of negotiation to resolve their conflict....
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