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pol assingment 1 - work “The Prince” he theorized that...

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Word Count: 299 Power, authority and legitimacy form a basis of any political system. This  essay will discuss the various opinions Machiavelli, Locke and Plato have on  power and how to maintain it.  John Locke theorized that people have a right to behave disorderly when the  authority that they are ruled by abuse their right to power. His theory explains  that people in a society have forfeited their rights to make decisions and  passed that delegation onto the people in authority. Once this authority  decided to exploit their position of power, which also raised the question of  legitimacy, the agreement between the people and authority immediately  dissolves and the people have a right to part take in a revolution.  Machiavelli on the other hand believed that in order to create a stable and  functioning political system, the military and the state must synchronize.  In his 
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Unformatted text preview: work “The Prince” he theorized that “whoever was in power had the right to command “ and therefore earned the right to be obeyed. He theorized that goodness and right are not enough to maintain authority and the goal of the person in power was how to acquire power and preserve it. Plato believed that power should be given to the educated elite. Those who can make informed, unprejudiced decisions and are not afraid of the unknown .An example of his beliefs are compacted in his work “The Apology” where Athens charges Socrates of corrupting the young and sentences him to death. . Plato suggests that Athens attacked Socrates because they were afraid of what he stood for. In conclusion, Locke, Machiavelli and Plato’s opinions on the subject varied greatly, but all had adequate theories to support them....
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