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Politics assingment 3 - Words318 Hendrik Verwoerd and...

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Compare the differing views of Verwoerd and Mandela regarding Apartheid.   What course of action does Mandela advise against Apartheid? Words 318 Hendrik Verwoerd and Nelson Mandela’s differing views on apartheid are clearly shown in the way Verwoerd based his reasons for the Apartheid regime on the developments and benefits that White South Africans have brought to Africa, whereas Mandela took a more moral approach and looked at South Africa as a one, not as individuals. In this essay I will favour Mandela’s argument and show that through equality of race, Verwoerd’s objective of development can also be obtained. Verwoerd clearly based his justifications of Apartheid on his assumptions that white South Africans had in fact benefited the black South-Africans by introducing Western civilisation, which included education and industrial and economic development (Pelzer,1966, 338). He felt that it was because of this that White South Africans should be seen as superior as they had made all of the above possible. He argued a variety of points that development was
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