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Politics essay outline - -then make argument that will best...

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THESIS STATEMENT INTRO (150 words) PARAGRAPH 1- Describe Proportional and majoritarian systems (basic elements- don’t say similarities or differences, just define what they are) -introduce 2 case studies that are examples for each system. Ie Britain and America -Explain how the different voting systems work and how the outcomes are achieved -don’t come to any conclusions yet!! ( above paragraph should be descriptive of above 400-600 words) PARAGRAPH 2 -introduce similarities and differences ( differences more critical than similarities)
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Unformatted text preview: -then make argument that will best fit into new democracy (generally the PR system) – this is where your thesis statement comes in.-Hedge (ie: make your argument but acknowledge the weakness’s of the one system favoured and the strengths of the other that it loses out on) (above paragraph should be CRITICAL and about 600-800 words) CONCLUSION-reinforce findings and thesis statement. USE NO PRONOUNS “ I think, in my opinion” – it is an academic paper!! Remember to provide substantial evidence for all your claims!!!...
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