Marketing - A new opportunity in New Zealands Tourism...

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A new opportunity in New Zealand’s Tourism Market Business has been conducted across national boundaries for a long time, but the increasing internationalization of business has become one of the most significant phenomenons in our contemporary society (Overseas student’s thesis web, 2010). I will analyze simply and try to improve that there is a new development space in New Zealand’s Tourism Market. New Zealand is located in southern hemisphere which is one of the fastest tourism areas in the world. The excellent geographical location and beautiful natural scenery make it benefit from the vigorous development of tourism industry, shows significant growth prospects as well. A newest survey done by the International Visitor Arrival and Departures on January 2011 indicates that the volume of the international visitor arrivals is from 2,533,945 up to 2,596,886 last year, that is to say ,there are 62,941 more visitors come in New Zealand in 2010(Economic Development, 2011a). Another survey done by New Zealand Tourism Council’s experts shows that the volume will increase 50% in 5 years. Another one done by the Tourism Satellite Account on March 2010 shows that these international visitors make great direct and indirect economic contribution to New Zealand’s Tourism Exports, GDP and Tourism Employment. To be exact, international tourist expenditure accounted for $9.5 billions of New Zealand’s total export earnings, and Tourism directly and indirectly contributes $15.1 billion to New Zealand’s total GDP. With regard to the Tourism Employment, Tourism supports 92900 direct and 89500 indirect full-time equivalent jobs. (9.6% of the total workforce in New Zealand) (Economic Development, 2011b(. From what I mentioned above, it’s no doubt that the Tourism brings a lot economic values and plays a dispensable role in New Zealand’s economy development, but in the mean time it takes a serious problem-to some extent the natural environment is threatened in recent years. I consider that insist on sustainable development and keep good ecological and humane environment is the foundation of Tourism industry development. Bringing in some environmental products in Tourism industry is one of the effective measures. Through the preliminary analysis of New Zealand Tourism, I consider that
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Marketing - A new opportunity in New Zealands Tourism...

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