113pe2fall11 - Dr. Ron Briggs CHM 113 ASU Fall 2011 Exam 2...

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Dr. Ron Briggs CHM 113 ASU Fall 2011 1 Exam 2 Topics The exam will cover Chapters 4-6 and all material covered in lecture (including the reaction classes from section 3.2 and the concentration terms from Ch. 13). Specific material from your lab experiments will not be tested on this exam, but the concepts presented during your lab sessions tie in closely with the lecture material. At least a few questions will be taken directly from your online HW and recitation activities. A practice exam is attached. As stated in the syllabus, you should use practice exams as practices of real exams . In other words, study as you would for a real exam, sit down with nothing but a pencil and a calculator, and give yourself 70-75 minutes to complete it. This should be a good indicator of how you will do on the real thing and give you clues on what to brush up on. These questions are also different from doing problems in the book in that they are not “compartmentalized” in such a way that you know exactly what section of the book to look at to solve them. In addition to the attached practice exam, your lecture notes, lecture quizzes, handouts, recitation activities, and assigned homework questions are valuable study aids. As always, copies of all quizzes and handouts are available in the ‘Course Documents’ section of Blackboard. Need help? Take advantage of TA and instructor office hours. A review session is being planned by Chad from the LRC at the following time: CHM 113 Review Session (Run by Chad from the LRC) Friday, 10/14 at 2:00 PM in PS F-166 (Those of you that can't attend this review or would like to watch Chad over and over again can do so on his web site: http://www.chadsreview.org. The site is free, but does require registration. Once you're logged in, the review sessions are posted by chapter in the "Videos" section) * DISCLAIMER: Dr. Briggs does not prepare or run this session (he has already prepared a practice exam and topics sheet for you). Any material presented is the responsibility of the person running the session. If you have any questions about this material, please ask them. Supplemental materials from other sessions will not be posted on Blackboard. Exam 2 is Tuesday, October 18 th in the normal lecture room (H-150) at the normal lecture time. Please show up on time and sit in your assigned seating section. Please do not sit next to a lab or recitation partner or someone you’re used to working with in class. If you do, a proctor may ask you to move. You will need to bring a #2 pencil, a scientific calculator, and your student ID. NO OTHER DEVICES OR MATERIALS WILL BE PERMITTED--THIS INCLUDES CELL PHONES, PDA’S, iPODS, AND HEADPHONES. If your calculator has any notes programmed into it, you will need to delete them.
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113pe2fall11 - Dr. Ron Briggs CHM 113 ASU Fall 2011 Exam 2...

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