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Investigation 8

Investigation 8 - Discussion Our goal is to achieve the...

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Discussion: Our goal is to achieve the initial temperature of the hot water. However, there was no available thermometer that would measure higher than 40 o C, so it was impossible to use just a thermometer. A new method to measure the temperature had to be created in order to find out the temperature. Instead of measuring the temperature by the thermometer, we followed the first law of thermodynamics and applied the principles of thermochemistry to achieve our goal. We used two different methods in order to accomplish our goal. One of the methods was adding cold water to the hot water. And the second was adding aluminum to the hot water. We did two trials with the cold water and one trial with the aluminum. For the first trial, after adding cold water to the hot water we then took the final temperature and used the heat formula: q=mC∆T to find the heat gained to the cold water. The heat of the hot water plus the heat of the cold water equaled zero. We apply this to figure out the initial temperature of the hot water. The result of that was
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