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LIST OF COUNTRIES SPEAKING ENGLISH Country Continent Population Australia Oceania 21,450,000 Barbados North America 294,000 Bermuda North America 65,000 Canada North America 33,531,000 England Europe 61,612,300 Fiji Oceania 827,900 Guam Oceania 173,000 Guyana South America 738,000 India Asia 1,200,000 Ireland Europe 4,517,800 Jamaica North America 2,714,000 Kiribati Oceania 95,000 Malta Europe 412,600 Mauritius Africa 1,262,000 Micronesia
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Unformatted text preview: Oceania 111,000 New Zealand Oceania 4,294,350 Saint Lucia North America 165,000 Scotland Europe 5,168,500 Seychelles Africa 87,000 Solomon Islands Oceania 506,992 South Africa Africa 47,850,700 Trinidad and Tobago North America 1,333,000 Wales Europe 3,004,6001 United States of America North America 307,868,000 Zimbabwe Africa 13,349,000...
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