home work - 1 yalue: 1E} points What is the following table...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 yalue: 1E} points What is the following table called? Elli up ta Si} 11;”: Hi up ta it} 25 4t] up tu 5H 51 fill up tr:- {at} EU fit] up to 'i't} 3U Til] up tn St} 3 '- Frequency pquqen '- Cumulatiye frequency diatrihutien - Hietqqram 'é' Frequency distribution 2 yalue: 10 points Fer quantitatiye data, the relatiye frequencyfqr a class is computed as the '- claaa width diyided by class interyal. - claea frequency qiyiqeq hy the class interyal. 2' claaarniqpqint qiyiqeq hy the claaa frequency. '4? class frequency diyided hy the total frequency. 3 value: their-t5 . . .. .. . Referte the following dietrihutien efcemrniaeiene: El .‘_ i . II. : J I 1-1lllll I 1i :E- .14 Gilti up he Will} 3 Still up tn than 1' Limit up tn l.3i.ii.} ll Llltfl up tn 1.4m} 23 I.-lt'}t'll up tn lfifli} 4f] Lfiiill up tn 1.3tii} 34 LEUU up tn 2.01.10 9 lean up tu 2.3m} J. What is the relatiye frequency qfthqae aaleaperaqna that earn more than $1,599”? -I- 25.5% -I- 29.5% e- 30.8% -I- 215% 4 value: 1i] points A sample oistrioution ofhourly earnings in Parts Cookie Factory is: Hourly Foi'nings Hill up to $9 3591111103512 Full 3 up In SIS "TN—um hers I {i 42 I {i The limits ofthe class with the smallest frequency are: ':'$1t?5ano$1¢25 -é-e12ooanouptusisoo -D ssooanoseoo -I-e12ooanouptus14oo value: 10 points To construct a histogram, the class frequencies are plotted on the vertical or Y—axis and eitherthe stateo limits, the true limits orthe mioooints are plotted on the horizontal or X-axis. "é- True C- False 6 value: 10 points Referto the following distribution: [‘35 uptown-:5 3 .15 tip to 45 5 45 Up to 55 T 55 up to [+5 Eli as up to T5 to What are the class limits for class with the highestfreouencir? '- 54 and 54 _' 55 and 54.5 I-ssano54 4-?- 55 and up to BE 7 value: 10 points When data is collected using a qualitative. nominal variable. is. male orfemale. what is true about a frequencv distribution that summarizes the data? _ Upper and lower class limits mustbe calculated. . The"2tothelrrule"canbe applied. _ Class midpoints can be computed. 9 Numberof classes corresponds to number ofthevariable's values. 8 value: 10 points When atreouencv distribution is exhaustive. each individual. object. or measurementfrem a sample or population must appear in at least one categerv. 9 True . False 9 value: 10 points To summarize the gender of students attending a college. the number of classes in a frequencv distribution depends on the number of students. . True 1? False 1 0 I value: 10 points Referto the following information from a freguencv distribution for "heights of college women" recorded to the nearest inch: The first tvvo class midpoints are 52.5" and 55.5". What are the class limits forthe lovvest class? . 52 and EB _ 52 and up to Ed 9 fit and up to Ed _ 52 and ES ...
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home work - 1 yalue: 1E} points What is the following table...

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