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MAE157_W10_midterm - MAE157 Winter 2010 MIDTERM EXAM...

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1 MAE157 – Winter 2010 MIDTERM EXAM Tuesday, February 16, 2010 NAME SIGNATURE UCI ID # E-MAIL ADDRESS You have 80 minutes to complete the test. Please, use the paper provided in this booklet as much as possible. If you need some more paper, please staple it to the booklet at the end. If you have troubles with one problem, move on to the next one and return to it at the end, if time permits. If you run out of time and cannot complete some problems (or parts of problems), try to write down the sequence of steps you should take to solve the problem: this could provide you with some partial credit. You are allowed to use the thin-wall approximation for all the problems . All the answers must be motivated. Any answer without a clear line of thoughts will be discarded. Please, write clearly and legibly. Please, remember to box your answer. One 3” X 5” sheet with notes/formula is allowed; otherwise this is a closed-book test.
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