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Introduction to Database Design IS410, Section 8535, Fall 2011 Assignment 2 Due on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Requirements: All answers to the assignment must be typed and clean. Be sure to include IS410 0301, your name, and the assignment number on each assignment. Late assignment will not be accepted. You may use one of the two types of notations to represent referential integrity constraints and functional dependencies, but you should not mix the two. Questions: 1. Page 243, Review Question 9 (Describe how the following components of …). 2. Page 243, Problems and Exercises 1 (For each of the following E-R diagram…)
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Unformatted text preview: Complete I, II and III for the following E-R diagram (a) (Page 107, Figure 3-8) (e) (Page 119, Figure 3-15a) (f) (Page 119, Figure 3-15b) (See Figure 5-5 for an example of relation schema; see Figure 5-23 for an example of functional dependencies.) 3. (I) Transform each of the following diagrams into a relational schema that shows referential integrity constraints (See Figure 5-5 for an example of relation schema); a. Figure 4-6b (Page 160) b. Figure 4-7a (Page 161) (II) For each of the above relations, diagram the functional dependencies. (See Figure 5-23 for an example of functional dependencies.)...
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