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R3. What are some of possible services that a link- layer protocol can offer to the network layer? Which of these link-layer services have corresponding services in IP? In TCP? framing: there is also framing in IP and TCP; link access; reliable delivery: there is also reliable delivery in TCP; flow control: there is also flow control in TCP; error detection: there is also error detection in IP and TCP; error correction; full duplex: TCP is also full duplex. R7. Why would the token-ring protocol be inefficient if a LAN had a very large perimeter? When a node transmits a frame, the node has to wait for the frame to propagate around the entire ring before the node can release the token. Thus, if L/R is small as compared
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Unformatted text preview: to tprop , then the protocol will be inefficient R10. Why is an ARP query sent within a broadcast frame? Why is an ARP response sent within a frame with a specific destination MAC address? An ARP query is sent in a broadcast frame because the querying host does not know which adapter address corresponds to the IP address in question. For the response, the sending node knows the adapter address to which the response should be sent, so there is no need to send a broadcast frame (which would have to be processed by all the other nodes on the LAN R15. 4 1.c.1 1 1.c.2 2 1.c.3 3 1.c.4...
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