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HW07 - session RTP packets are distinguished from RTCP...

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R4. Figure 7.1: Advantages : Simple, doesn’t require streaming server. Metafile can allow a media player to communicate directly with a web server that stores audio video files. Disadvantages: Many companies that sell products for audio/video streaming do not recommend this architecture. They recommend streaming stored audio/video from dedicated streaming servers. Figure 7.2: Disadvantages : This architecture requires two servers. Web server serves the web pages and the streaming server serves the audio/video files. Advantages : The media server requests the file directly from a streaming server which is specifically designed for and the streaming server can interact using their own protocols. These protocols allow for richer user interaction with audio/video stream R10. RTP streams in different sessions are identified by a receiver by different multicast addresses. Different streams within the same session are identified by SSRC field. As a part of the same
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Unformatted text preview: session, RTP packets are distinguished from RTCP packets by using distinct port numbers R12. Every SIP user has an associated registrar. SIP registrar keeps track of user’s current IP address. When a user switches to new SIP device, the new device sends a new registrar message, indicating the new IP address. If the user remains at the same device for a extended period of time, the device will send refresh registrar messages indicating the most recently sent IP address is still valid. The SIP registrar translates fixed human identifiers like [email protected] to dynamic IP addresses. In SIP, the registrar provides remote systems with the new IP address so that they can connect to the mobile machine directly. Home Agents in Mobile IP provide a tunneling service between the home IP address and the mobile address. Thus, all connections going to the home address are transparently forwarded to the mobile address...
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