Democratization and Illiberal Democracy

Democratization and Illiberal Democracy - they do not make...

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Democratization and Illiberal Democracy  13:48 “the democratic method is that institutional arrangement for arriving at decisions in  which individuals acquire the power to decide by means of a competitive struggle for the  people’s vote”—Joseph Schumpeter  in which elites compete with one another for the popular vote  a political system in which there are major elections for those in office  electoral democracy “Elections, open, free and fair, are the essence of democracy, the inescapable since qua  non. Governments produced by elections may be inefficient, corrupt, shortsighted,  irresponsible, dominated by special interests, and incapable of adopting policies  demanded by the public good. Those qualities make such governments undesirable, but 
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Unformatted text preview: they do not make them undemocratic.Samuel Huntington Democracy is much more normative than these procedural definitions A form of government ruled by the people that is better than any other form of government According to most people Most just, and people have the power within the political system Liberal Democracy Has two parts Liberal Democracy Zakaria argues that our kind of democracy is normatively appealing is not the democracy but more of the liberalism Democracies protect liberties and dont allow people into power without approval Illiberal liberties violate basic rights 13:48 13:48...
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Democratization and Illiberal Democracy - they do not make...

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