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INTS FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Study Guide INTS 210-002 Mid-term...

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Stud y Guide – INTS 210-002 Mid-term Fall 2011 Tips for studying: 1) Collaborate! It is not cheating to study together, nor to share notes, nor even to share reading journals, and to collectively put together a study-guide; it is in fact encouraged. I highly recommend you form study groups and continue to use each other as the semester continues. We all have different strengths and together we are more likely to be able to be comprehensive. 2) In order to prepare the first thing I would do is to go through the syllabus and make sure you know the main point of each reading/set of readings & required films. Such that if I ask about Polanyi you know who I am referring to, and can think of some of the main arguments/concepts/issues he contributes. (It is recommended you know authors’ last names). You can do this in any way you want including writing id cards, but going over your notes and the main points I stated in lecture are good places to begin. 3) Identify things you don’t understand and prepare a list of questions. Before asking me or your TAs, go back to the readings and your notes, then try to ask classmates, if you still don’t understand and it seems like an important thing, be prepared to ask during recitation or the catch up class Tuesday before the exam. 4) Take advantage of this mid-way point to make sure you have a grasp of what we have covered, also take time to note what you are unclear on. In many ways studying should be harder than the exam itself! **Important: Neither your TAs or I will give you a direct definition, or answer to the terms and issues below, we will only try to help you find the answers yourself. The exam will consist of defining terms in short answers, and possibly matching people to things they are known for, and True/False with short answers.) . (Be able to give a short definition/discussion of these terms. Obviously I am looking for understanding of these terms as they relate to the themes, readings and lectures of this class, NOT a generic or all-inclusive definition. *Hint: I tend to leave these terms in their “groups”—i.e. the terms are next to, or close to other terms discusses around the same time, or associated with the same author. 1. Golden Straitjacket- Thomas Friedman’s term; that individual countries must sacrifice some degree of economic sovereignty to global institutions (such as capital markets and multinational corporations ) 1) Lexus and the Olive Tree-the olive tree symbolizes security and identity in a nation; the Lexus represents the drive for modernization; an ex. Global markets and technology pursuing a higher living standard
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2) Thomas Friedman- his main issue was the Lexus vs. the olive tree; he believes that economic globalization is inevitable 3) Ideology (think of different ideologies we talked about as well as the problems of ideology.)- – a system of ideas of ideals 4) End of Ideology Debate- there is an ideology about globalization (globalization
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INTS FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Study Guide INTS 210-002 Mid-term...

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