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Anth 147—Fall 2012 Exam 1 Review Materials from lectures, readings, and films are fair game for exam questions. Please come to our exam review session having reviewed this sheet, the readings, the reading response questions and guided reading questions, and your notes. Also, please come with any questions about the course material. *You will not need blue books or scantron sheets. All you will need is a pen or pencil. Key Terms and Concepts: Health Illness Disease Sickness Brown’s 5 approaches of Medical Anthropology Anthropology’s research methods Holism Cultural relativism Moral relativism Personalistic systems Naturalistic systems Nocebo Placebo Epidemiology Folk illness Social construction of illness Stigma Illness career Sick role Critical Medical Anthropology (CMA) Explanatory models (EMs)
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Unformatted text preview: Functionalism Ethnomedicine (changing definitions) Sociocultural malnutrition Medical pluralism Etiological beliefs Biomedicine Metaphor Homology Cartesian Dualism Provocateur Stance Anthropological Stance Case Studies/Examples: Rivkin-Fish’s study of women’s health promotion in Russia Traditional Chinese Medicine Biomedicine in China Machine metaphor Susto Hot/cold etiological system Alcoholism among Puerto Rican immigrants Nichter’s analysis of public health project in rural Sri Lanka Leprosy in comparative contexts Evans-Pritchard’s work on Azande and witchcraft Pigg’s work on Nepalese Shamanism Qollahuaya Indians Metaphors of Biomedicine Malnutrition in Mali Neurasthenia & Stress...
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