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Name: Alexandria Markase Number: 21 Instructions: Problem set# 1 covers Topics 1 and 2 (Lectures from Jan. 18 to Jan 30). Due Feb 1, 2012 at the beginning of class. You may work in groups, but should not copy another’s answer (this is cheating). My exam questions will be a similar format, and working through these problem sets will help you prepare for exams. Problem set #1 is worth 10 of 60 total HW points. Brevity is the soul of wit. Please restrict answers to space provided. Problem 1A. Explain what is meant by the experimental approach of Watch it, Move it, Block it. Watch it, Move it and Block it refer to steps in how to approach an experiment. Watch it refers to observing and recording how a gene acts naturally and determining wild-type phenotype of an organism. Move it would be like a transgene, moving one gene from an organism to another organism. Finally Block it refers to taking away the gene and recognizing the effects it has on the organism. 1B. Design a set of transplantation or genetic experiments to determine if the ZPA (zone of polarizing activity) on the vertebrate limb bud is necessary and/or sufficient for digit
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Problem+Set+1 - Name: Alexandria Markase Number: 21...

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