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AASP 101 Possible Final Questions

AASP 101 Possible Final Questions - How have racial...

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AASP 101 Possible Final Essay Questions What is the prison industrial complex? What are the consequences of incarceration rates of African American males and females on labor market participation and health? What is the argument supporting and denying reparations for African Americans? Use a particular policy to structure how you would either grant or reject $300 per year for African Americans that are decedents of slaves. How has educational policy benefited and hindered Blacks before the Civil Rights Movement?
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Unformatted text preview: How have racial policies shaped educational attainment for Blacks during this time period? How have policy makers attempted to reform education policy in efforts to alleviate inequality in the present day? What are the “spill over” effects of present day education policy to labor market participation and incarceration rates for Black males?...
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