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Exam 1 Study Guide-1 - Introduction to Criminology Exam 1...

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Introduction to Criminology: Exam 1 Study Guide 50 multiple choice, in lecture on Wednesday. ..* Bring UID Chapters: 1,3,4, and 11 Concepts/Terms UCR Uniform Crime Reports NCVS National Crime Victimization Surveys Personal crimes that people have been victims of Tries to reduce memory decay and prevent telescoping by bounding… keep you on surveying, and call you several times for a few months Politicization When you take something and make it political o Example: the mayor getting involved Looking at using the law and using crime for political ends o Example: murder rate, using it as a statistic would make it a politicization The definition of criminology The study of the process of making, breaking, and reacting towards laws Correlation and Causation Correlation – how things are related to each other o The connection to things, the incidence of one thing, may lead to the other incidence o Just bc they are related does not mean that one causes or effects the other o Correlation does not cause Causation o As criminologists, we need to propose a theory to see if there is an effect on the outcome Example: Darren has worn a white shirt every time it has rained,
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Exam 1 Study Guide-1 - Introduction to Criminology Exam 1...

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