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Valerie Udeozor Due: January 17, 2012 Software for Personal Computing Instructor: Michael Devine CS131 – Computer Applications Exercise 1 – 25 Points Part A) 15 points I am from a town called Germantown in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is otherwise known as a Washington, D.C. suburb, located about half an hour away from the city. I have never engaged in computer programming. I would say that my knowledge of computers is about average; I know how to perform basic functions, but I have never been formally educated on how to use a computer beyond these basic functions. I am probably slightly less adept at using mobile device applications than many people, because I did not have Internet on my phone until about a year ago. I primarily use my cellular phone for communication purposes. I sometimes use the Internet or apps on my phone for browsing, checking the weather, Google Maps, etc. but not for much more than that. There isn’t an information technology related topic I am particularly interested in seeing
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Unformatted text preview: covered during this course. I simply joined the course to have a better overall understanding of how to use Microsoft Office applications. Part B) 10 points In regards to my experience with Microsoft Word, like most students, I am definitely most proficient at using Microsoft Word. I have also used Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. I used Microsoft Excel sparingly in the past, but I did use it regularly throughout last semester. For my cognitive psychology lab course, I used Excel every week for recording and computing data for experiments. I also used Excel to record my study hours for a mentoring program of which I am currently a member. I have used Microsoft PowerPoint several times, only to put together presentations for school projects. I did not use Microsoft Publisher until last semester as well. As a marketing intern for the Career Development Office, I used Publisher twice a week throughout fall semester to design the office’s advertisements....
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