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Spring Syllabus - Dr. Susan McHugh E-mail:...

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Dr. Susan McHugh Office: Marcil 207 E-mail: smchugh@mail.une.edu Phone: 602-2615 Office hours: Mon./ Wed. 12:30-1:30 p.m. and by appointment ENG 110: English Composition Course Objectives and Overview: This course introduces you to college-level writing, a process that combines drafting techniques with critical thinking skills to meet the needs of mature writers and their audiences. To help you determine what methods work best for to craft your ideas in writing, you will practice different techniques of invention and revision. Working in class as well as outside the classroom, you will gain experience with different formal tasks (such as defining terms, analyzing texts, and explaining concepts) in three major assignments. As part of each major assignment, you will respond to reading assignments that are designed to help you to gain an understanding of writers’ choices, so that you can make informed decisions as you revise your own writing. In addition to these major writing assignments, the course requires that you complete two shorter writing projects: the first is a diagnostic essay to be discussed in the first class meeting, and the last is a cumulative final project, for which you must save copies of all of your assignments during this semester. Expect to work constantly in this four-credit course. Required Course Textbooks (available at UNE Bookstore): Peter Elbow and Pat Belanoff, Sharing and Responding (SR) Maurice Scharton and Janice Neulieb, Things Your Grammar Never Told You (TYG) Spring 2005 and 2007 issues of Zephyr: UNE’s Journal of Artistic Expression (Z) Photocopied handouts to be distributed in class (H) Attendance: You are expected to arrive prepared and on time for all class meetings. Attendance includes active participation, which is an important factor in determining your semester grade (20%). In this class, tardiness equals absence. Each absence in excess of three will result in your final grade being dropped by one full letter grade per absence. Any more than five will result in a failing grade for the course. In the event of your absence from class, you are responsible for learning the material covered and for making up in-class work. To ensure that you keep up with your coursework, you are strongly advised to notify your instructor in advance of any impending absences or tardiness. Also plan to check in with two or more classmates regularly. Write down the e-mail addresses and/ or phone numbers of at least two classmates here, so you can locate them quickly in the event of an emergency: 1.) 2.) When you have not made prior arrangements to make up work, normally it will be given a failing grade. In order to be excused from this class, you must provide the instructor with adequate advanced notice and documentation. Students with disabilities should contact Disability Services to develop reasonable accommodations (you can contact Coordinator Susan Church at Stella Maris 128, phone 602-2815, fax 602-5931, e-mail schurch@une.edu, and visit the Disability Services website
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Spring Syllabus - Dr. Susan McHugh E-mail:...

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