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1 GDB For : COP 3330. Object oriented Programming (Using C++) http://www.compgeom.com/~piyush/teach/3330 Piyush Kumar GDB | Lot of tutorials on google. | Debugging tool, see what happens as your program runs | Needs the –g flag while compiling z This adds additional information (i.e. line numbers) in the binary executable | Execution: z Invoke by typing “gdb <executable name>” z E.g.: gdb a.out Basic Commands | quit z Quits gdb. Note that it is NOT exit… | run z Run the program; it stops at each break point set by break command | x (address) z Examine the CONTENTS of the memory at (address) | print (expression) z Print the value of the expression - can be registers or simple equations | break (function name or *memory address) z Set breakpoints z E.g. : break main z break x.cpp:15 Basic Commands | continue z Resume execution | step (s) z Step to the next line in CODE. z Warning: If you use the step command while control is within a function that
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Unformatted text preview: was compiled without debugging information, execution proceeds until control reaches a function that does have debugging information. | next (n) z Similar to step z This is similar to step, but function calls that appear within the line of code are executed without stopping. | disas z Show assembly instructions for the current function Basic Commands | where/bt z Shows the current line and stack backtrace. Very useful for segmentation faults. | info registers z Shows the current state of the registers | display &amp;lt;var/register&amp;gt; z display the contents of the register/var. z E.g. : display count z display $eax | More Commands: z http://sources.redhat.com/gdb/onlinedocs/gdb_toc.html | Graphical User interface: ddd | Screen shots/movies : http://undo-software.com/undodb_screens.html...
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