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More on terminate

More on terminate - the kind of minutiae a standards...

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More on terminate() and unexpected() Jonathan Schilling, [email protected] In C++ Newsletter #019 the terminate handler, the unexpected handler, and the standard library function uncaught_exception() were introduced. The standards committee recently decided what values uncaught_exception() should return when called from these handlers: false from unexpected() and true from terminate(). The latter ruling is somewhat counter-intuitive, because an exception is considered "caught" in the standard when terminate() is called, so logically uncaught_exception() should return the inverse. The rationale for the decision was that uncaught_exception() should include the case where terminate has been called by the implementation. Some committee members argued that it should return false, or that the value should be left undefined. But at the end of the day this is a good example of
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Unformatted text preview: the kind of minutiae a standards committee must deal with, because if you consider that the purpose of uncaught_exception() is to help keep you out of terminate(), then if you're already in terminate() anyway it pretty much doesn't much matter what it returns. Note however that these rules only apply when unexpected() and terminate() are called by the implementation. When direct user calls are made to these functions (see again Newsletter #019), uncaught_exception() will return false unless the direct user call was made from code executing as part of an exception. In the case of terminate() this difference between implementation calls and direct calls might complicate simulation testing of error conditions....
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