Operator Overloading

Operator Overloading - x = e3; cout...

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Operator Overloading Suppose that you are using an enumeration and you wish to output its value: enum E {e = 37}; cout << e; 37 will indeed be output, by virtue of the enumerator value being promoted to an int and then output using the operator<<(int) function found in iostream.h. But what if you're interested in actually seeing the enumerator values in symbolic form? One approach to this would be as follows: #include <iostream.h> enum E {e1 = 27, e2 = 37, e3 = 47}; { char* s; switch (e) { case e1: s = "e1"; break; case e2: s = "e2"; break; case e3: s = "e3"; break; default: s = "badvalue"; break; } return os << s; } main() { enum E x;
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Unformatted text preview: x = e3; cout &lt;&lt; x &lt;&lt; &quot;\n&quot;; cout &lt;&lt; e1 &lt;&lt; &quot;\n&quot;; cout &lt;&lt; e2 &lt;&lt; &quot;\n&quot;; cout &lt;&lt; e3 &lt;&lt; &quot;\n&quot;; cout &lt;&lt; E(0) &lt;&lt; &quot;\n&quot;; return 0; } In the last output statement, we created an invalid enumerator value and then output it. Operator overloading in C++ is very powerful but can be abused. It's quite possible to create a system of operators such that it is difficult to know what is going on with a particular piece of code. Some uses of overloaded operators, such as for array indexing with subscript checking, -&gt; for smart pointers, or + - * / for doing arithmetic on complex numbers, can make sense, while other uses may not....
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Operator Overloading - x = e3; cout...

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