Thorough Revising and Sample Work Cited

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Thorough Revising Holding on too tightly to the structure and content of your first drafts prevents you from using the revising process to develop your thoughts. Many of you are beginning to appreciate the great results that become possible with large-scale revisions that prioritize higher-order concerns in writing. But some are clearly still unsure about how to make these changes in your draft. While you can seek help with a tutor in the LAC or your instructor, you can also help yourself by following some simple steps. Thorough revising, a key feature of college writing, involves rethinking the big picture of your composition. In Writing With Power , Peter Elbow recommends the following procedure for revising your drafts thoroughly: 1) Fix your readers (audience) and purpose (assignment) clearly in your mind. 2) Read all freewriting and drafts together with a pencil in hand. Mark whatever strikes you as important bits. 3)
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