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A4 - • Make a 30 second 30 frames per second movie file...

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1 CS 33400 Fall 2010 Voicu Popescu Due: Tuesday October 5 at 6:00am Assignment 4—Lighting and Shading In a nutshell Extend your interactive 3-D graphics application with basic lighting and shading support. Details 1. Light Point light source 3-D interactive positioning through GUI Visualization with big dot (e.g. 7x7 pixels in size) 2. Lighting Ambient plus diffuse plus white specular highlights The specular ambient factor and the specular exponent should be parameters that can be set through the GUI 3. Shading Per vertex Per pixel (screen space interpolation of triangle normals) Allow switching between shading modes through GUI 4. Example Make a simple 3-D scene with a single coarse teapot.
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Unformatted text preview: • Make a 30 second 30 frames per second movie file showing your lighting and shading. The camera should not move, the point light source should. In the first 10s show vertex shading, in the second 10s show pixel shading, and in the last 10s show the two shading modes in a side by side comparison. Split screen with vertical bar. Label left half “per vertex” and right half “per pixel”. 5. Extra credit • Directional light source (2%) • Multiple lights (2%) • Conic light spot (2%) • Nice scene, i.e. complex geometry, animation (x%) Turn in • Code • A README.txt description of your GUI • Movie file © Popescu, fall 2010...
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