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CS 334 Spring 2010 Due Tuesday February 2 nd , 6am Assignment 2 2-D graphics 1. Create a 2-D graphics application with the following functionality: a. Load & save tiff image files b. 2-D triangle rasterization (constant color) c. Line segment rasterization (constant color) d. Image processing i. Brightness adjustment ii. Edge detection e. Graphical user interface i. Load and save image buttons, should ask for file name ii. Edge detection button iii. Brightness adjustment button & percentage value field 2. Demonstrate application by: a. Making an image that spells out your first name (first 3 letters suffice) i. Letters should be thick, made of 2-D triangles; black letter contour should be
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Unformatted text preview: made of 2-D segments ii. Save image as name.tif b. Find edges in given image; save as edges.tif c. Increase brightness 20% in given image; save as bright.tif 3. Extra credit a. Contrast enhancement (2%) b. A cool image effect (x%) c. Vertex color interpolation for triangle rasterization (2%) d. 2-D Tetris game (5%) e. A cool 2-D game (x%) 4. Turn in on Blackboard a. Source code b. Executable c. 3 required images edges.tif, bright.tif, name.tif, and any extra credit images in root of submission archive d. A readme.txt file describing the usage and extra credit features attempted ¬©Popescu, 2010, [email protected]
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