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1 CS 33400 Spring 2010 Voicu Popescu Due: Tuesday March 9 th at 6:00am (OK to turn in by March 12 th at 6:00am, but texture mapping is required for midterm) Assignment 5—Texture Mapping In a nutshell Extend your interactive 3-D graphics application with texture mapping support. Details 1. Texturing Model space interpolation of texture coordinates Bilinear or nearest neighbor texture lookup (selection through GUI) Tiling by repetition and by mirroring (selection through GUI) 2. Example Make a 3-D model with at least 4 texture mapped quads
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Unformatted text preview: The model should correspond to real world 3-D scene At least 3 of the textures should be digital photographs that you acquire Examples include the corner of a room or a box At least one texture should be used by tiling Make a 10 second 30 frames per second movie file showing your texture mapped scene. 3. Extra credit Mip-mapping (3%) Video sprite (3%) Nice scene, i.e. complex geometry, animation (x%) Turn in Code A README.txt description of your GUI Movie file Popescu, spring 2010...
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