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A6 - Make a 10s 30fps movie showing off the best parts of...

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1 CS 33400, Spring 2010 Voicu Popescu Due: Tuesday March 30 th at 6:00am Assignment 6—Panoramas In a nutshell Extend your interactive 3-D graphics application with a panorama constructor based on user specified correspondences, and with environment mapping. Details 1. Panorama construction Take a sequence of 5+ overlapping digital photographs of a distant scene. Register the images as follows: Display a pair of consecutive images I k and I k+1 side by side and allow the user to click correspondences. Compute the 3 rotation angles defining the planar pinhole camera (PPC) view of I k+1 by aligning the user specified correspondences. (OK to minimize the error with 3 nested for loops.) Build a cube map from the registered images. 2. Environment mapping of distant geometry Load the cube map. Allow interactive pan, tilt, roll, and zoom at the center of the cube map.
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Unformatted text preview: Make a 10s 30fps movie showing off the best parts of your panorama. 3. Extra credit 360 o horizontal field of view x 40 o vertical field of view panorama (3%) Complete panorama (5%) High resolution panorama (i.e. at least 2k x 2k pixel construction images and 3k x 3k pixel cube map faces) (3%) Downhill simplex minimization of correspondence reprojection error (3%) Image registration by minimizing color differences (5%) 2 or more panoramas connected by video tunnel(s) (5%) Turn in Code. Construction images. Registration data (i.e. PPCs of images); your program should be able to load registration data and compute cube map from it. Cube map (i.e. one image per cube map face). Movie file. A README.txt description of your GUI. © Popescu, spring 2010...
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