A10 - shadow mapping, 10s projective texture mapping). 3....

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1 CS 33400, Spring 2010 Voicu Popescu Due: Wednesday April 28 at 6:00am A10—Hardware rendering, the programmable pipeline In a nutshell Implement shadows and projective texture mapping with GPU programs. Details 1. Write vertex/pixel shader programs for: Shadow mapping (1 point light source, vertex color interpolation) Projective texture mapping Use Cg / OpenGL 2. Example Define a camera path, save to file; have GUI button that animates camera along path. Make a 20s 30fps video of your scene hardware rendered along the camera path (10s
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Unformatted text preview: shadow mapping, 10s projective texture mapping). 3. Extra credit, all through GPU programs: Environment mapped reflections (3%) Billboard reflections + environment mapped reflections (5%) Depth image impostor reflections + environment mapped reflections (7%) Turn in Code including GPU programs. Camera path file. Movie file. A README.txt description of your GUI. © Popescu, spring 2010...
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