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September 14, 11 I. Advantages of the UCR a. Consistent definition of crime b. Trend data c. National figures can be broken down – these are raw counts, and represent a “census” c.i. A strict count, an attempt to count all of us II. Limitations of the UCR a. Subject to political manipulation (ex: unfound crime) a.i. Politics plays a role b. Hierarchy rule b.i. Index rules b.ii. Takes into account only the most serious event in a section of events c. Despite best efforts difference remain in definitions (ex: Illinois and rape) c.i. By definition in the state of Illinois they are the only state that considers the fact that a man can be raped c.ii. There are still different definitions from crime in each place c.iii. UCR is more of a voluntary thing d. Ecological Fallacy d.i. What is it about the community that makes it have so much crime? d.i.1. The characteristics d.i.2. Making assumptions about people that live in a particular area d.i.2.a. Lock the gates in your town? d.i.2.b. Segregated? d.i.2.c. Isolated? d.i.3. Who else contributes? d.i.3.a. People of town d.i.3.b. Tourists d.i.3.b.i. Come for different reasons d.i.3.b.ii. They often commit the crimes d.i.3.c. Ex: New York d.i.3.c.i. Have MANY tourists, they come to the city, and they come and commit the crimes d.i.3.c.ii. You cant say something about an area cause they all don’t necessary live there e. Measure of police activity rather than crime – officially reported crime (66 -7) e.i. Not crime that changed, but just the way that each institutions manages it e.ii. Measure police behavior only, not the crime rate III. National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) a. Started in 1972
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b. Household surveys conducted by Census Bureau c. Members older than 12 years are surveyed via telephone d. 3 year inclusion/ 6 month intervals e. Uses sampling to produce national estimates IV. NCVS strengths a. Eliminates reporting b. Design: reduces memory decay and telescoping seen in other self – report surveys by bounding b.i. We as people don’t retain everything that happens to us b.ii. Memory decay is a real issue, it results in an undercount b.iii.
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