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kiersey sorter test and reflection

kiersey sorter test and reflection - was moderately...

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Ally Sheinbaum THE KEIRSEY TEMPERAMENT SORTER REFLECTION Before taking this test I had an idea of what type character traits I had. After receiving my results I believe I was right for the most part. I distinctively expressed feeling personality. Whenever I am working with others, the first thing I always take into account is their feelings. I was raised to value how others felt and how my reactions or statements affected him/her. I was described as moderately expressed extravert. I agree with that. I am a very outgoing person and will always be the first one to make friends with the new person in the room, but at the same time I am very shy when it comes to things like publicly speaking. I was also described as moderately expressed intuitive personality. I think this is true because I am a very spontaneous person. I am always the first one to be adventurous and am the type of person that does not need to follow a certain schedule. The final character trait I was described as
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Unformatted text preview: was moderately expressed judging personality. As much as I want to agree with this, I have to admit that I am somewhat of a judgmental person. I know this trait is not a good one to have, so I am constantly working on not judging others. I believe this test was an effective way to measure personality traits. This test can be illuminating for someone who doesn’t really know who himself/herself is because it gives you a variation of different types of questions that can see what type of personality you have depending on the event that is taking place. I believe my results were right now track with who I think I am. I do think that in order to be a stronger and more effective leader I need to not take emotion/feeling into account as much as I do. Overall, I think this was an adequate way to measure personality traits....
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