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**Remember your CBL Team blog post is due by Midnight the Monday before class that week. 1 College Park Scholars Public Leadership CPSP 119P Spring 2012 Colloquium Section 0101: Tuesdays, 5:00-6:15pm, CCC1111 Section 0201: Wednesday 3:30-4:45pm, CCC 1105 Section 0301: Wednesday, 2:00-3:15pm, CCC 1105 “Good public leaders—whether in or outside of government—in a democratic society display certain capacities and virtues, such as being able to articulate an ethical vision and facilitate broad-based citizen participation in matters of governance. Likewise, citizens are informed and able to reason critically about public matters. They are also able to deliberate with others, whose values they may not share, in order to solve common problems.” --Public Leadership program description Instructor Teaching Assistants Sarah Cardona Devon Brunson – sec 0301 First-Yr Instructor, devonadri@gmail.com College Park Scholars Public Leadership Brendan McCormickk – sec 0201 Cumberland 0128 bmccormick19@gmail.com 301-226-5348 Michael Cianfichi – sec 0101 cardonas@umd.edu michaelcianfichi@hotmail.com Office Hours Starting January 31, 2012: Tuesdays (Cumberland Office), 3:00-4:00 pm or by appointment. I am also happy to set up appointments in either Centreville or Van Munching or at one of the cafes on campus. Course Description This course is intended as a follow-up to the Fall Colloquium (CPSP 118P-Fall), in which we explored our personal values and identities within our communities as well as how these personal differences interacted with our beliefs about and understanding of key public issues such a race, gender, and poverty – issues that constitute challenges to, as well as opportunities for, ethical and effective leadership in a multicultural society. This semester, we will begin to consider the evolving meaning of leadership, whether and how this concept is distinct from management, and what it means to be a “public” leader (responsibilities, characteristics, etc.). A key feature of this course will be an exploration of our own leadership styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Following on this exploration, we will begin to develop a plan for how we might work to strengthen our personal leadership capacity—a Personal Leadership Development Plan. Some sessions will be “workshops” for your Community-Based Learning projects. We want to be sensitive to your schedules and hope that providing some in-class time (and advice) will give you the chance to make the projects more meaningful and ambitious. Certain assignments within your CBL projects as well as your CBL participation will be graded as part of this class. This syllabus is intentionally fluid and open to change in response to class needs and interests as well as availability of speakers whose expertise and experiences would provide valuable insights on our themes.
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**Remember your CBL Team blog post is due by Midnight the Monday before class that week. 2
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CPSP 119P Spring 2012 Student Copy_final012512-1 -...

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