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PHIL 140 CONTEMPORARY MORAL ISSUES (Fall 2011) Topic and Instructions for Exegetical Writing Exercise Distributed: 09.06.11 Due: 09.14.11 (hard copy in lecture) Length: 300-500 words ( at least 300 words ) Weight: 10% of final grade 1. What is the point of this exercise? It is a good idea for you to learn early in the semester the sort of writing that will be expected from you in this class before you submit more heavily weighted assignments for grading. It is also extremely helpful to me and to the TA’s to discover early in the semester who writes well naturally (very few of us) and who needs help with their writing (most of us). I will personally read and grade each of these exegetical assignments and provide some feedback on your writing. Where appropriate, I will include in this feedback some advice about seeking my help or the help of your TA in preparing your next assignment. 2. Okay, but what is the exercise? Read the short blog post, entitled “The Paradox of Pornography” by Robert Jensen,
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