U Street Assignment Fall 2011 section 0201

U Street Assignment Fall 2011 section 0201 - Greater U...

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Greater U Street Heritage Trail and Scavenger Hunt Reflection Paper due October 12, 2011 For this assignment you’ll go to the Greater U Street area in Washington, D.C., for some site- seeing, historical investigating, and hopefully some eating/shopping! This is an awesome opportunity for you and a few classmates to get exposure to a part of D.C. that you may not have visited before. This handout contains all the information you’ll require to complete the official “Greater U Street Heritage Trail” and then write a concise, thoughtful two-page reflection paper. Before you go: Do a little research before you get on the metro! Google “Greater U Street Heritage Trail,” and see what you come up with. You’ll get a lot more out of the trip if you know something about the area before you get out there. For this assignment, you will: o Print out the attached map and take the metro into D.C. o Get a feel for the U Street community vibe o Complete a scavenger hunt o Read and reflect on the trail markers along the way (take notes to jog your memory later) o Write a reflection paper about the experience What’s the paper about? You may choose one of the following essay prompts: 1. Reflect on the walk. What was most interesting to learn? What did you find out about the history of the area? What themes from our class discussions connect to your Trail experience? Include references to at least two different class readings in your reflection, and be sure to draw from discussions and themes we’ve touched on together in class. For example, did a certain community leader from the U Street area in the early twentieth century demonstrate leadership qualities addressed in “Principles of Transformative Leadership?”
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U Street Assignment Fall 2011 section 0201 - Greater U...

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