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CSCE 2610 Assembly Language & Computer Organization Instructor : Mr. Michael Mohler – not yet a Dr. or Prof. Contact: F221, [email protected] Office Hours : TR 12:00PM-1:00PM, or by appointment Class Meeting : TR 10:00-11:50AM, B192 Website: , go to CSCE 2610s021 Course Description Students shall gain an understanding of the principles of computer systems organization, instruction sets, computer arithmetic, data and control paths, memory hierarchies, and assembly language. Course Outcomes 1) Understand the interface between software and hardware. 2) Be able to measure the performance of a computer system. 3) Understand the choice of instruction sets. 4) Understand and be able to write Assembly Language programs. 5) Understand computer arithmetic algorithms and ALU design including floating point . 6) Understand and apply techniques in digital circuit design to the design of a single cycle simple processor. 7) Understand memory hierarchy and cache memories. Prerequisites CSCE 1030 (Computer Science I) – basics of problem solving and software development CSCE 1040 (Computer Science II) – object-oriented design, recursion, and abstract data types CSCE 2050 (Computer Science III) – non-trivial software design, modular programming, data structures, and time analysis Co-requisites EENG 2710 (Digital Logic) – digital logic gates, boolean algebra, circuit analysis Textbook(s) David A Patterson and John L Hennessy, Computer Organization and Design,
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Syllabus0 - CSCE 2610 Assembly Language Computer...

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