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CSE 378 Machine Architecture and Assembly Language PRACTICE QUESTIONS : 1) Programming in SPIM. Write a program in MIPS assembly language that finds (i)the number of elements strictly greater than the last element,(ii) the minimum element,(iii) the maximum element, and (iii) the (integer) average of all elements in an array of integers (each element is a 32-bit positive, negative, or null integer). Your input, the array and its size, should be in ".data" section of your program. As output, your program should display the 4 values asked for above on the console with appropriate messages. 2) Implement the following in MIPS: (i) forloop.c - A for loop int forloop(){ int i = 0; int result = 0; for (i; i<20; i=i+2){ result += i; } return result; } (ii) funccall.c - A function calling example int main(){ int a = 4; return helper(a); } int helper(int a){ int b = a * 4; return b; } (iii) strcat.c - C string concatenation function char* strcat (char * dst, char * src){ char* originalDst = dst; while(*dst){ dst++; }
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midterm-practice-questions_update - CSE 378 Machine...

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