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Sheet1 Page 1 The experimental results for g included results of 8.1959m/s^2, 9.895m/s^2, and 11.479m/s^2. At the beginning, due to errors in calculations of the angle of the incline, the value of g was skewed. However, with the correct data, the experimental value of g was within .4% of the accepted value of 9.8m/s^2. The experimental results of I were much the same, with the values of .00000764 and .0001751 both being within the calculated uncertainty (.0004).
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Unformatted text preview: The units of I are kg * m^2, and without units, they represent the moments of inertia of the two plastic balls. From the values of I, it can be inferred that the smaller plastic ball is a solid sphere, using the formula I = (2/5)MR^2, while the larger plastic ball is a shell, using the formula I = (2/3)MR^2....
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