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02b_POST_lab-solutions - trast is decreased 3 Both the feld...

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markowitz (am45362) – 02b POST lab – huq – (47985) 1 This print-out should have 5 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – fnd all choices beFore answering. 001 2.0 points Consider an object viewed through a binoc- ular microscope with 10X ocular lenses and 10X objective in alignment. At this magni- fcation 1 reticle is calibrated to equal 10 m. The object is estimated to be 100 reticle units in length. What is the ACTUAL length oF the object? 1. None oF these 2. 100 nm 3. 1.0 m 4. 1.0 mm CORRECT 5. 10.0 m Explanation: 002 2.0 points The primary limiting Factor For resolution in a light microscope is the: 1. wavelength oF light 2. quality oF the condenser lens 3. indices oF reFraction between two mate- rials 4. degree oF contrast between two points 5. numerical aperture CORRECT Explanation: 003 2.0 points As the magnifcation is increased, which oF the Following is most correct? 1. Both resolution and contrast are in- creased. 2. The depth oF feld is increased and con-
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Unformatted text preview: trast is decreased. 3. Both the feld oF view and depth oF feld are decreased. CORRECT 4. The feld oF view is increased and depth oF feld is decreased. 5. Both resolution and the depth oF feld are increased. Explanation: 004 2.0 points What are the steps required to adjust the microscope For Khler illumination?¡br/¿ ¡br/¿ I. Open the feld diaphragm¡br/¿ II. Center the condenser¡br/¿ III. Close the feld di-aphragm¡br/¿ IV. Move the condenser up and down until the feld diaphragm is in Focus For your eyes¡br/¿ V. ±ocus the microscope on the specimen 1. None oF these answers 2. II, IV, III, V, I 3. V, III, IV, II, I CORRECT 4. III, IV, V, II, I 5. I, II, III, IV, V Explanation: 005 2.0 points Which oF these microscope part(s) adjust(s) the light beFore it strikes a specimen slide centered on the stage? 1. I 2. G 3. A, B, C 4. ±, G, H 5. D, E, G CORRECT Explanation:...
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