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markowitz (am45362) – 04b POST lab – huq – (47985) 1 This print-out should have 5 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – find all choices before answering. 001 2.0points ¡p¿A sea urchin extract was diluted 100 times and examined under a microscope using a hemacytometer. What is the total density of sperm cells per mL of the initial sperm extract if the average of 30 cells were counted in a volume that encompassed 1 X 10¡sup¿- 4¡/sup¿ mL on the hemacytometer grid?¡/p¿ 1. 3.00 x 10¡sup¿7¡/sup¿ sperm cells/mL extract CORRECT 2. 3.00 x 10¡sup¿-6¡/sup¿ sperm cells/mL extract 3. 3.00 x 10¡sup¿-8¡/sup¿sperm cells /mL extract 4. 4.00 x 10¡sup¿4¡/sup¿nbsp;sperm cells/mL extract 5. 3.00 x 10¡sup¿-4¡/sup¿ sperm cells /mL extract Explanation: ¡p¿hemacytometer¡/p¿ 002 2.0points ¡p¿Stomata are ¡em¿MOST ¡/em¿likely to be foundnbsp;as part ofnbsp;which of the follow- ing specialized tissue(s)?¡/p¿ 1. root endodermis 2. leaf parenchyma 3. leaf epidermis CORRECT 4. root epidermis
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