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Verification: EDSML unit 3. Strategic change management Student : Ashvini Prathap Detailed comments and suggestions are noted on the script. Strong points -Well considered PEST and SWOT analyses for LloydsTSB -Some aptly chosen models e.g. 7S model, balanced scorecard. Weak points - Organisation of report -Excessive length C. 5000 words -Not paginated. -Sources often overlooked. -Structure. A range of theories are taken from the literature and included in the report. Some relevant; some not. Sometimes with minimal explanation. Sometimes with excessive explanation. Few links and rarely related back to LloydsTSB. It would help if there was a narrative or story that linked the elements of the assignment together, which together would constitute a plan for change. What is missing?
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Unformatted text preview: The assignment was about planning change within LloydsTSB, an organisation which is undergoing a comprehensive strategic review at corporate and operational levels. This is recognised within the PEST and SWOT analyses but is then more or less ignored. But, the application of theory and of the models is required throughout the assignment. To quote from the Edexcel unit specification – ‘’Learners select an organisation and develop a model for change incorporating issues related to strategic change in that organisation. They need to show how they will lead stakeholders in developing a strategy for change and how they plan to implement the chosen model for change. The report needs to start with an introduction on the background to change ‘’...
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