4-MAT Review Assignment 1 and 2 for Expert

4-MAT Review Assignment 1 and 2 for Expert - Assignment#1...

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Assignment #1 – 4-MAT Review ( Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by Entwistle) due by February 2, 2012 The 4-MAT Review is a way of responding to readings, lectures, and life experiences that requires you, the learner, to interact with new ideas on several levels. Please use the following format in preparing your 4-MAT Reviews, showing each of the four sections listed below with corresponding APA-style, Level 1 headers: 1. Summary. After listing the name of the book and author, summarize what you have read as if you were the author boiling down the book into 500 concise words . Prove that you comprehend the reading by writing a no-nonsense summary. The summary is not a commentary or listing of topics, but rather a gut-deep, insightful "précis" of the longer, more elaborate book, which should be cited in text at least once per paragraph in which the book is discussed, and with page numbers for direct quotations. Summary equals "boiled down." 2. Concrete Responses. Be vulnerable! In 250 words , relate a personal life episode that this book triggered in your memory. Relate your story in first person, describing action and quoting exact words you remember hearing or saying. In the teaching style of Jesus, this is a do-it-yourself parable, case study, and confession. You will remember almost nothing you have read unless you make this critical, personal connection. What video memory began to roll? This is your chance to tell your story and generate new ideas. 3.
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4-MAT Review Assignment 1 and 2 for Expert - Assignment#1...

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