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7 Essential CIO Leadership Skills That Get Results 1. Commit to Leadership First and Everything Else Second. Gartner and Korn/Ferry's research reveals that the highest performing CIOs are effective because they embrace the idea that everything they need to accomplish will be achieved through people, by people, and with people. They don't pay lip service to that idea. They live it. They lead. 2. Lead Differently than You Think. A high-performing CIO is an incredibly complex and creative thinker. Yet when the time comes to lead, they don't rely on their superior "smarts" and analytical skills to come up with the best possible solution. They act collaboratively. 3. Embrace Your Softer Side. Effective CIOs manage the paradox of gaining more influence by letting go of control and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. In turn, that vulnerability enables them to create deep, personal connections—connections that provide the ability to inspire people both inside and outside their organization. 4. Forge the Right Relationships to Drive the Right Results.
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6d1339295fc94af686d20300a6c24c54 - 7 Essential CIO...

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