Android report - ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM Android is...

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ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM Android is currently the most popular Operating system in mobiles and that’s why it attracts me to study and to prepare a report. This paper attempts to analyze the current conditions of the Android operating system and publish the projected future market opportunities for Android based on the results of several research companies, with current market statistics and popularity among developers and end users. All the tricks and enthusiasm for the iPhone and Blackberry are more expensive to maintain, after the arrival of the most anticipated of the system, open source operating mobile, Google Android, which is intended to transform the industry upside down. Despite the growth and popularity for the iPhone and Blackberry, Android is expected to do a story on the sale and acquisition of market share, cutting through the markets of both Symbian and iPhone. This paper will examine carefully the predictions on the future of Android phones, present the facts and reasons. In addition, Google, application developers and providers should be the main beneficiaries, since
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Android report - ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM Android is...

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