Annotated biblography

Annotated biblography - ANNOTATED BIBLOGRAPHY Anis, A.,...

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Unformatted text preview: ANNOTATED BIBLOGRAPHY Anis, A., Ijaz-Ur-Rehman, Nasir, A., & Safwan, N. (2011). Employee retention relationship to training and development: A compensation perspective. African Journal of Business Management , 5 (7), 2679-2685. Anis et al. through different Universities associated with Pakistan uses different HR processes for retention. There primary emphasis is upon compensation packages following employee training as well as development practices with regard to retention purposes. For this function, They conducted this particular study in Lahore as well as collected data through corporate groups. The amounts of respondents were 330 they usescompensation since the mediating variable between your training and preservation of employees. Results reveal which retaining employees long- term, after their instruction and development may be completed, without increasing their compensations isn't as favorable because when compensation is actually increased to reveal the completion capability to apply their area related skills as well as capabilities. Boice, D. F., & Kleiner, B. H. (1997). Designing effective performance appraisal systems. Work Study , 46 (6), 197-201. Deborah F. Boice and Brian H. Kleiner are using the Department of Administration, School of Company Administration and Economics, Ca State University, UNITED STATES. They Reports which effective performance evaluation systems help to produce a motivated and dedicated workforce. To work they require the actual support of top management to exhibit their commitment and also to translate organizational objectives and objectives in to personalized...
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Annotated biblography - ANNOTATED BIBLOGRAPHY Anis, A.,...

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