Argentina - Argentinas HDI value and rank Argentinas HDI...

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Argentina’s HDI value and rank Argentina’s HDI value for 2011 is 0.797—in the very high human development category— positioning the country at 45 out of 187 countries and territories. Between 1980 and 2011, Argentina’s HDI value increased from 0.669 to 0.797, an increase of 19.0 per cent or average annual increase of about 0.6 percent. The rank of Argentina’s HDI for 2010 based on data available in 2011 and methods used in 2011 is 46 out of 187 countries. In the 2010 HDR, Argentina was ranked 46 out of 169 countries. However, it is misleading to compare values and rankings with those of previously published reports, because the underlying data and methods have changed, as well as the number of countries included in the HDI. Population: The current population of Argentina is around 36 million. Almost half of these individual live within the capital city, Buenos Aires. In respect to size and population within South America, Argentina is only second to Brazil. Due to the influx of European immigrants into Argentina, 97% of the country are deemed ‘white’, whilst only 0.5% of individuals originate from the pure indigenous population and the remaining 2.5% are other non-white groups. The 95% of immigrants into Argentina are primarily of Italian and Spanish descent. The makeup of the population trends within Argentina mirror those of the more developed countries. It has one of the lowest growth rates in Latin America (approximately 1% per annum) and it also has a fairly low infant mortality rate. The median age within the Argentina population is 29 years and life expectancy is relatively high, at 75 years for males and 71.67 years for females. The birth rate is estimated at 16.9 births per 1,000 population and the death rate is estimated at 7.56 deaths per 1,000 population. The fertility rate is estimated at 2.47 children born per woman. The estimated population density in Argentina is 14 persons per square kilometer or, 35 persons per
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Argentina - Argentinas HDI value and rank Argentinas HDI...

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