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IS 620 Assignment 3 Due 2/17 Suppose you have created tables in assignment 1 as follows Tables: Employee(employee_name, street, city) Works(employee_name, company_name, salary) Company(company_name, city) Manages(employee_name, manager_name) Please write SQL statements for the following problems. Problem 1: Give all employees of First Bank Corporation a 5% raise. If you do not have First Bank Corporation in your company table, you can use any company name there. [20
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Unformatted text preview: points] Problem 2: Find all employees who earn less than the average salary of all employees of their company. [30 points] Hint: use subquery to compute average salary of the company an employee is working at. Group by is not needed. Problem 3: List the names of companies and the number of employees in each company. [20 points]. Problem 4: Find all cities with at least two companies. [30 points] Please submit print-out of SQL statements....
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