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IS 620 Assignment 4 Due 2/24 Suppose you have created tables in assignment 1 (listed in textbook page 116 Figure 3.12, also listed below). Tables: Employee(employee_name, street, city) Works(employee_name, company_name, salary) Company(company_name, city) Manages(employee_name, manager_name) Problem 1. Write ONE anonymous PL/SQL program to do all the following: [50 points] Declare a rowtype variable for employee, a row type variable for works (specify where the employee works), and a row type variable for manages (specify who manages the employee) Assign some values to these 3 variables (use assignment statement). You want to
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Unformatted text preview: make sure your data preserves foreign key constraints. For example, the manager_name of the new employee shall already appear in the employee table, and the company_name shall already appear in the company table. • Insert these rows into employee, works, and manages table. Problem 2. Write an anonymous PL/SQL program to compute the sum of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. You must use a loop. Tip: consider how to update your loop variable. [50 points] Please submit print-out of code....
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