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IS 620 Assignment 6 Due 3/17 Suppose you have created tables in assignment 1 (listed in textbook page 116 Figure 3.12, and also listed below). Employee(employee_name, street, city) Works(employee_name, company_name, salary) Company(company_name, city) Manages(employee_name, manager_name) Problem 1: Please create a PL/SQL function get_manager that returns the manager’s name given the name of an employee. If an employee does not have a manger, return a null value. Please write an anonymous PL/SQL program to call this function with some employee name as input, and print out the results. You can assume that each employee
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Unformatted text preview: has at most one manager. [50 points] Problem 2: [50 points] Write a PL/SQL procedure print_managers_recursive. The input is the name of an employee. The procedure prints out direct manager and all higher level managers of that employee. For example, suppose Bob’s manager is Alice and Alice’s manager is Eric, and Eric has no manger (he is the CEO). If the input is ‘bob’, the procedure will print out Alice and Eric. Hint: call the get_manager function you developed for Problem 1. Please submit print-out of code....
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