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Public Relations - PublicRelations Public Relation...

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Public Relations 22:08 January 24, 2012 Public Relation?: Narrative to the public Way perceived by the public Definition of PR: Management of communication Involving publics With objectives in mind Larger organizational market in mind Examples of PR: Carnival Cruise Ship problem: making one person the scapegoat for the entire incident Exon Alaska oil tanker- blamed it on the captain the blame still didn’t help Exon success: satisfy the public (companies responsiveness) Publics Group of people who share common interests or values in particular situation Stakeholders: publics with a relationship with your organization NYU stakeholders: Alumni, cities, neighbors, businesses, city officials Groups that need to be influenced in order to achieve objectives Public Relations Relies on mutually beneficial relationship (symbiotic) Both help one another but get different benefits
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Ex: News Media Donors (donor donates money for a building; gets name) Organizational Partners
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Public Relations - PublicRelations Public Relation...

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